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The Ford Piquette Avenue plant is well preserved and largely unchanged from its original 1904 appearance. The exterior of the building is immediately recognizable as the same building shown in early photographs - still in its original red brick, complete with original fire escapes and windows.

A visit to the third floor is like stepping back in time. One is immediately impressed by how much it resembles the operating plant of 1905. It is virtually unchanged. The third floor has never been painted since Ford Motor Company left in 1910.

The original sliding fire doors remain attached to the firewalls, still bearing the same "Positively No Smoking" signs that were stenciled on them in 1904. Even the flooring is original. It is the same floor on which every one of the first 12,000 Model Ts were built.

Located in the back corner of the third floor is the secret Experimental Room where Ford developed the innovative Model T. Another exhibit spans five bays on the third floor showing the Model T during various stages of assembly. This exhibit explains the stationary assembly process with which cars were produced before the moving assembly line.

Various Model Ts and other Piquette-era Fords are on display throughout the second and third floor. Several dozen interpretive panels explain the history of the building and the people who worked there.

The gift shop sells Model T memorabilia, wearables and other Ford related items.

Model T Automotive Heritage Complex, Inc.
461 Piquette Avenue, Detroit, Michigan 48202

Mailing Address:
P.O. Box 2127
Detroit Michigan 48202

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April - October

Wednesday - Sunday: 10 AM - 4 PM

$10 per person